Spss tutorial guide for students

This guide presents a full walk-trough tutorial from how to load your survey data into SPSS, to preparing the data, validity and reliability testing and finally theory testing with correlation and regression analysis. The guide is a collection of SPSS  instructions from the Research Seminar course at the VU university. Goodluck with your quantitative thesis or research!

How to get ThesisTools questionnaire data into SPSS

Thesistools is a free survey/questionnaire website that most of the Dutch students use to create their questionaires. Importing your Thesistools data into Spss can be done by following these steps.

1.       Go to the ThesisTools website > Modify Questionnaire. Login, click ‘Results’ and download the data as an Excel file.

2.       Open the Excel file (if you get a warning, just click ‘Yes’) . Delete the Page, Title and Legend rows. Continue reading