Spss tutorial guide for students

This guide presents a full walk-trough tutorial from how to load your survey data into SPSS, to preparing the data, validity and reliability testing and finally theory testing with correlation and regression analysis. The guide is a collection of SPSS  instructions from the Research Seminar course at the VU university. Goodluck with your quantitative thesis or research!

How to get ThesisTools questionnaire data into SPSS

Thesistools is a free survey/questionnaire website that most of the Dutch students use to create their questionaires. Importing your Thesistools data into Spss can be done by following these steps.

1.       Go to the ThesisTools website > Modify Questionnaire. Login, click ‘Results’ and download the data as an Excel file.

2.       Open the Excel file (if you get a warning, just click ‘Yes’) . Delete the Page, Title and Legend rows. Continue reading

Managing M&A experience and potential synergies pre-formation

For our MBA course on Alliances, Mergers and Networks we held 12 interviews (of which I did 2) with M&A managers, M&A consultants and founders of acquired firms. This resulted in 6 papers focused on the pre-formation process of acquisitions. My paper looks at the acquisition experience in the pre-formation process and combines theory with methods found during the interviews which experienced firms use to leverage their acquisition experience.  Acquisition experience in the pre-formation process is found to have a positive influence on potential synergy realization and is moderated by target similarity. Based on the 12 interviews a management matrix is developed that can be used to by managers to reap the benefits of acquisition experience.

I really enjoyed the process of the research as preparation for the final master thesis. The field of M&A presented to be a fascinating world! Enjoy the read or skip to the management matrix to find how you can best manage acquisition experience in the pre-formation given your level of current acquisition experience. Continue reading

Knowledge Management papers

Another overview of study material which I had to read, this time for the Knowledge Management (KM) course. KM covers many subjects as knowledge sharing, social networks, social capital and communities of practice.

The book ‘Knowledge Management in Organizations: a critical introduction’ by D. Hislop (2005) offers a good critical view of the KM field and its developments.

The list of  Knowledge Management academic papers:

  • Keeping the Wheels Turning: The Dynamics of Managing Networks of Practice, Marlous Agterberg et al., Journal of Management Studies 2009
  • Supporting Knowledge Creation and Sharing in Social Networks, Rob Cross et al., Organizational Dynamics Vol. 30  2001 Continue reading