Managing M&A experience and potential synergies pre-formation

For our MBA course on Alliances, Mergers and Networks we held 12 interviews (of which I did 2) with M&A managers, M&A consultants and founders of acquired firms. This resulted in 6 papers focused on the pre-formation process of acquisitions. My paper looks at the acquisition experience in the pre-formation process and combines theory with methods found during the interviews which experienced firms use to leverage their acquisition experience.  Acquisition experience in the pre-formation process is found to have a positive influence on potential synergy realization and is moderated by target similarity. Based on the 12 interviews a management matrix is developed that can be used to by managers to reap the benefits of acquisition experience.

I really enjoyed the process of the research as preparation for the final master thesis. The field of M&A presented to be a fascinating world! Enjoy the read or skip to the management matrix to find how you can best manage acquisition experience in the pre-formation given your level of current acquisition experience. Continue reading