Using Excel like a pro: Keyboard shortcuts

There is this old story about junior bankers that they don’t get a mouse with their laptop during their first weeks, forcing them to learn all the Excel keyboard shortcuts. Whether this story is true or not, it might be a pretty good way for you remember all the shortcuts and speed up your Excel skills.

Here is an example of three keyboard shortcuts I often use in Excel. Especially the paste special > values shortcut is a useful one to know.

Head over to macabacus for the full list of useful Excel shortcuts. The website includes a pdf file with a list of the most important Excel shortcuts to have on hand. The website also includes some macros and custom tool bars, but they seem mainly aimed people working in finance making financial models. You are welcome to share macros and other Excel resources in the comments below.

The five levels of delegation for managers

As we get closer to the end of the academic year many of the master students prepare for the next big step in their life. Meanwhile the recruitment frenzy has begun with companies searching for talents and students looking for traineeships. With this next step in mind it would be a good idea to learn from the experience of other starters. One interesting story I came across was that of the five levels of delegation on Michael Hyatt’s blog. This is an important concept to understand when tasks are delegated to you by project managers or when you find yourself in a management position.

As a leader, whenever you delegate a task, you need to make it clear what level of authority you are conferring to others:

  • Level 1: Do exactly what I have asked you to do. Don’t deviate from myinstructions. I have already researched the options and determined what I want you to do.
  • Level 2: Research the topic and report back. We will discuss it, and then I will make the decision and tell you what I want you to do.

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