Leveraging Social Media with mashups and website integration

Social media icons on the frontpage of a brand’s website are often an indication of the level of social media integration within the company. While this seems like a small step many brand haven’t even reached this point, where social media is an integrated part of their online strategy. The next step for these brands is to fully leverage social media by integrating it as part of their website.

Brands should start to use social mashups to leverage social media beyond just participating in conversations on external social networks. Integrating conversation mashups surrounding a brand on the website  can create trust like reviews do for products. Mashups can bring the conversation to the website and give fans a voice or stimulate them to participate in the conversation. Creative campaign types of mashups -that are useful for the customers- can also function to increase traffic.

The new Samsung website enabling social media conversations

Samsung social media mashup

“Samsung approached JESS3 with a challenge common to other Fortune 500 companies: how do we not just include social media icons on our homepage, but really, truly leverage and integrate what social media has to offer.

In response, JESS3 worked with Samsung to create a first-of-its-kind homepage which includes a series of deep social media features ranging from a user generated driven homepage “hero” image, to a conversation tool that allows visitors engage with key Samsung employees and accounts through suggested handles and hashtags.”

Great to see a big brand like Samsung leveraging the strengths of social media by integrating it on the frontpage of their website. Enabling visitors to discover product reviews and engaging fans on the website to participate in the conversations on the social web. For now unfortunately only on their US website.

Asos social media sentiment and influentials mashup

Asos is very active in stimulating their online community and also make use of mashup. Asos reviews gives the customer (and Asos themselfs) an impression of the current sentiment surrounding their brand on Twitter and displays these messages. New customers can get an impression of the happiness of others with the service Asos provides and can help them in their Purchase Funnel decision process.

Asos follows fashion is a platform for fashion fans to follow influentials in the fashion world on Twitter. By creating such a mashup platform Asos can position their brand as knowing about fashion and meanwhile network with the influentials in their sector. It’s useufll for their current customers and can attract new fashion fans that use the mashup or heared about it to the Asos brand and website.

Two examples of brand who are fully leveraging the strength of social media by integrating it on their websites. Do know more examples? Share them in the comments below.

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